City Hall

Establishment of City Hall

Located on one of the original plazas set out in 1831 by Mexican Land Commissioner J. Francisco Madero, the new Liberty City Hall complex has rapidly become one of the real architectural jewels in the city. In addition to the building itself, the square includes the Vara Martin Daniel Pavilion and a downtown green space.

The modern City Hall building includes the Liberty Center, a spacious meeting room with a modern kitchen. Many local clubs and organizations meet here weekly. Dances, parties, receptions, and many public forums and events are also held here regularly. The building also includes the Council Chamber, offices for many city departments, meeting rooms, and the latest amenities. Spacious hallways, natural earth tones, efficient use of the 17,000 square foot building, and the latest technical and security provisions help to make the City Hall an inviting place to work and visit. Dedicated November 2, 2006.

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