Residential Garbage

The City of Liberty’s residential garbage service is contracted through LT'S Garbage Service. The residential route is divided into three (3) quadrants. The customer’s twice-a-week garbage collection dates are determined by the quadrant in which you reside. To determine what quadrant you reside in, please contact the Utility Department at 936-336-3684 or fill out an online Contact Us form.

Household garbage, grass clippings, as well as leaves, branches and tree trimmings are collected curbside.  Garbage days are Monday through Saturday and follow this schedule:

Please be sure your garbage is set out by 7:00 a.m.

  • Monday and Thursday
  • Tuesday and Friday
  • Wednesday and Saturday

LT's Holidays are as follows:

        New Years Day
        Memorial Day
        July 4th
        Labor Day
        Thanksgiving Day
        Christmas Day

Container Packaging

Residential customers are asked to package household garbage, grass clippings, and leaves in a type of container designed for use as residential container. These include standard, lightweight metal cans, plastic cans or sturdy plastic trash bags. Containers and bags should weight no more than forty pounds (40 lbs.) and the maximum size for containers is 40 gallons.

Important!  For the safety and protection of employees and equipment, Waste Management requires that branches and tree trimmings be no greater than three inches (3") in diameter and be cut, tied, and bundled in four-foot (4') lengths weighing no more than forty (40) pounds totaling no more than seven (7) bags, containers, or bundles.

Billing Rates for Residential Garbage