Residential Garbage

Collection Schedule FAQ'S                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • When will the new service start?

             New routes and service dates with the new carts begins January 20, 2020

  • What is my new service day?

 Check out the map here. Anything south of 90 will be Mondays, north of Beaumont Ave. and east of Lakeland will be Tuesdays, all bulky and brush will be Wednesdays, north of 90 and south of Monta (including all of Beaumont St) will be Thursdays, and north of Monta and west of Lakeland will be on Fridays.

  • What will happen if my service day falls on a holiday? Click here to see the 2023 Holiday Schedule 

Frontier Waste may decide to observe any or all holidays by suspension of collection service.

  • How do these automated trucks work?

The automated arm comes out, grabs the cart, and dumps it into the truck without the driver getting out.

  • How do I need to set out my cart to be sure it works with the automation?

Be sure to place your cart facing the street with the wheels closest to the house. It needs to be at least 4ft from mail boxes, cars, or a second cart. It is also best to bag everything to be sure no loose trash flies out on a windy day.

  • Why is Liberty going from twice a week to once?

Most cities in Texas have now moved to once a week service. There are many reasons Liberty, and many other cities are making this change. The carts are safer and easier to roll to and from the curb, they make the streets cleaner and more streamlined on trash day, and the polycarts are better at keeping unwanted pests out. There is also a reduction in emissions from less trucks on the road each day.

  • Who do I call for service questions?

     Frontier Waste Solutions: 936-258-9035 – and be sure to mention you are a Liberty resident

  • Who do I call for billing or administrative inquiries?

The City of Liberty: 936-336-3684

  • I like to hunt and fish, how do I keep my trash from smelling all week long?

If you want to reduce odors, freeze any meat trimmings, fish cleaning waste, or other smelly trash in zip lock bags. Then on trash day, just toss the zip lock in the trash bag and toss in the cart.

  • What if I have more trash than can fit into the cart?

Please call the city at 936-336-3684 about ordering a second cart. The cost will be $6/month.

  • What am I supposed to do with the trash can I have now?

This is your property and you may repurpose this in any way you’d like. They work well for feed barrels or placed over plants for protection from frost. If you’d like to dispose of it, you may place it out on the Wednesday bulk trash day. **Please mark clearly “FOR DISPOSAL” so the driver knows you want it hauled away.

  • What day is brush and bulk collected?

    Wednesdays, each and every Wednesday we will collect that material.   

  • How will bulky or brush trash work? Is that picked up by the automated trucks?

No, bulky and brush trash will be picked up by a different type of truck. All of Liberty will now get bulky/brush service on Wednesdays. Bulky waste and brush should be placed within three (3) feet of the curb, swale ditch, paved surface of the roadway, or closest accessible roadway.

  • What counts as bulky or brush waste?

Brush: Any cutting, trimmings or accumulations from trees, shrubs, or lawns, and similar materials. The term “brush” specifically excludes limbs that are greater then four (4) feet in length or two (2) inches in diameter. The term “brush” also specifically excludes debris resulting from services of a Commercial Service Provider, Land Clearing or Storm Event.

Bulky Waste: White goods, furniture, and other oversize wastes which are customary to ordinary housekeeping operations of a residential unit and whose large size precludes or complicates its handling by normal solid waste collection, processing or disposal methods. The term “bulky waste” also specifically excludes debris from a storm event.

  • Are there any items that I can’t get rid of through regular or bulky trash days?

Unacceptable Waste: Any waste, the acceptance and handling of which would cause a violation of any permit, condition, legal or regulatory requirement,  substantial damage to equipment or facilities, or present a danger to the health or safety of the public or employees, including, but not limited to, Hazardous Waste, Special Waste, untreated Medical Waste, Construction and Demolition Debris, Dead Animals weighing forty pounds (40lbs) or greater, solid or dissolved material in domestic sewage, or solid or dissolved material in irrigation return flows, or industrial discharges subject to regulation by permit, soil, dirt, rock, sand, and other natural or man-made inert solid materials used to fill land if the object of the fill is to make the land suitable for the construction of surface improvements. 

  • What about my Heavy vegetative waste?

Heavy Vegetative Waste will be collected bi-weekly. Please see here to find the map. If you are curious about which week frontier is servicing either A or B, Please call City Hall or Frontier Waste Solutions. 

     Provided by Frontier Waste Solutions