Valuables in Your Vehicle

Theft Prevention Tips

  • Residents are reminded by the Liberty Police Department to not leave valuables in their vehicles — especially in plain sight.
  • Thieves know that valuables are often hidden in the console and under seats. The best way to avoid being a victim is taking all valuables when exiting the car. Always take items such as your purse, wallet, laptop, MP3 player, cell phone and other important items.
  • Not only is there the expense of replacing stolen items, but thieves often cause damage to the car, such as broken locks or windows.
  • Time is valuable, and canceling and replacing credit cards, debit cards, checks, driver's licenses and other personal information that can be used to steal a person's identity is a hassle.
  • When taking valuables is not an option, lock valuables in the trunk.  Move them to the trunk beforehand to avoid being seen by potential burglars.
  • Take notice of the surrounding. Drive around the parking lot before parking the car. Note any suspicious persons or vehicles. If something feels suspicious, it probably is. Once parked, walk promptly with keys or cell phone in hand, while looking around. Report suspicious persons to police immediately.

Random Inspections

  • As a courtesy to vehicle owners, the Liberty Police Department will be providing random inspections of vehicles to raise awareness of theft and burglary prevention.
  • Patrol Officers will randomly issue report cards, with passing or failing grades, to let motorists know if their vehicle is considered a prime target for crime. Behaviors that can lead to failed inspection include: an unlocked vehicle, keys left in the vehicle, an open window, or property in plain view.