Training Division


Liberty Police Department meets or exceeds the required standards Section 1701.215.5 Rule identifies the requirements for becoming a contractual training provider. Rule 1701.215.7 an Advisory Board for LPD. Rule 1701.215.9 requires a Training Coordinator appointment for LPD. Rule 215.11 and 215.13 identify the components of evaluations and risk assessments for training providers.



In the event the course is canceled or times/dates are changed, we will need your contact information to make the proper notification. Please note that email contacts will only be used to notify of class rescheduling, cancelation and future training courses. If you are unable to attend class, notify the department as soon as possible.


Any questions or concerns, please call (936) 336-5666 or contact Lieutenant Philip "Chip" Fairchild (Training Coordinator) or Donna Smith (Training Assistant) with the Liberty Police Department.