Courtroom Decorum


Order shall be maintained at all times.  Violation of this rule can result in a reprimand by the Judge, expulsion from the courtroom and/or contempt citation.


Absolutely no firearms or illegal weapons are allowed in the courtroom, with the exception of those intended to be offered as evidence or used as trial aids. Any party or attorney who intends to use a firearm or an illegal weapon as evidence or a trial aid must notify the Judge prior to bringing said item into the courtroom. Additionally, the aforementioned party or attorney must immediately notify the court bailiff as to the existence of the firearm or illegal weapon and its intended use as evidence or as a trial aid immediately after said party or attorney enters the courtroom with the item.  Commissioned peace officers may bring firearms andweapons into the courtroom.  The Judge shall have the discretion to prevent any object from being brought into the courtroom and/or to have any object removed from the courtroom.


No open containers of food or drink shall be consumed or brought into the courtroom, except with permission of the Judge.

Reading Materials

Reading by nonparticipants is not permitted in the courtroom when it causes noise or other distractions to the participants.


All persons in the courtroom shall be seated except when addressing the Judge or Jury; when a seat is not available; when directed to rise by a court officer; or with permission of the Judge.


No hats, caps, bandanas, or any headgear shall be worn in the courtroom unless given permission by the Judge.

No Inappropriate Attire

No shorts or cut-offs; no low-cut blouses or tops; no skirts or dresses that are short (less than halfway from knee to top of thigh); no muscle shirts, shirts with no sleeves, clothing with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, obscene, lewd, or suggestive words, slogans, depictions, or pictures; no clothing that is too tight, too short, excessively baggy, or pants worn below the waistline.

Electronic Devices

All electronic Devices must be turned off while in the courtroom.