Liberty Community Development Corporation


The Liberty Community Development Corporation was created by action of the voters in June 1995 and administers the half-cent economic development sales tax collected.  This nonprofit Section 4B Corporation promotes economic development within the City of Liberty by eliminating unemployment and by promoting expanded business enterprises.  The LCDC is empowered through the Development Corporation Act of 1979, which allows cities to use these funds to make drainage and infrastructure improvements to publicly-owned and operated projects. 
The Corporation pays funds collected to the City twice a year to service the debt requirements of Certificates of Obligation as issued by the City.  Certificates of Obligation were originally issued to finance the Flood Control Levee Project, which was completed in the mid-1990s, and other related drainage projects.

The annual meeting of the Liberty Community Development Corporation is held on the second Tuesday of June at 5:00 p.m.  Other meetings are held at the direction of the Board President.

The Corporation is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors appointed by the City Council.  The seven members serve staggered two-year terms.  The LCDC Bylaws stipulate that three of the LCDC members shall be individuals who are not employees or officers of the City or members of the City Council.

Members   Appointed   Term Expires 
Dennis Beasley, President    June, 2018     June, 2020 
David Arnold   June, 2018    June, 2020 
Mike Page   June, 2018   June, 2020 
Barbara Norwood      June, 2016   June, 2020 
Courtney Daniel   June, 2018   June, 2019 
Mark Campbell     June, 2017    June, 2019
Leslie Herndon   June, 2017    June, 2019
Gary Broz, Gen. Mgr.