Charter Review Commission


The Charter Review Commission is charged with reviewing the City’s Home Rule Charter and recommending alterations and revisions to the City Council.  After consideration of the recommendations, the Council may submit any or all of the amendments to the voters of the City of Liberty for their approval or disapproval.  In some cases, the Charter Review Commission has made no recommendations.

The Charter Review Commission meets at the direction of the Chairman.

The Charter requires that at the first regular meeting of each odd numbered year, the Council shall appoint a Charter Review Commission consisting of five citizens of the City of Liberty.  After the panel has completed their work, the Council will disband the Commission.  The term of office shall be six months; however, upon written request of a majority of Commission members, the City Council may extend the Commission’s term of office for a period not to exceed 90 days.

2017 Charter Review Members

Paul Glazener
Victor Barranco
Jamie Carter
Marsha LaFour
Courtney Daniel