Commercial Garbage

The City of Liberty’s Commercial Garbage is contracted through LT's Garbage Service. When determining the type of commercial garbage service is necessary for your business, you will need to consider the following:

  • How much garbage will your business generate?
  • What type of garbage will your business generate?
Your business will fall into one of the following categories based on the above considerations: 

  • Commercial Hand Pickup – No more than three residential-size garbage cans on any given garbage day. 
  • Ninety-Gallon Cart – For businesses generating more than three residential-size garbage cans on any given garbage day, but not enough for a dumpster. The ninety-gallon cart is provided by the City of Liberty. 
  • Dumpster – For businesses generating a significant amount of garbage daily, a dumpster would need to be placed somewhere on the premises. The dumpster must be placed in an area where the garbage truck can access it easily. Since the commercial dumpster truck lifts the dumpster and dumps it overhead, the area will need to be free of any overhead, power, phone or cable lines.

The cost of commercial garbage depends on which service best suits your business, as well as how many times a week your dumpster needs to be emptied. Please click here for more information on rates.  You may contact the Utilities Department by phone at 936-336-3684 or by filling out an online Contact Us form.

Billing Rates for Commercial Garbage