Bulk or Heavy Trash Collection

As part of the City's agreement with LT's Garbage Service, heavy trash is picked up on a garbage customer’s second day of routine service. The cost is incorporated into their normal billing. Heavy Trash is defined as junk or trash that is generated by ordinary maintenance of a household but too large for containers. This includes, but is not limited to, major appliances, yard waste, hot water heaters, furniture, mattresses, dishwashers, lawn mowers, and grills.  These items must be capable of being lifted onto a truck by two persons. Boxes must be broken down and lumber must be cut into four-foot (4’) lengths and put into bundles that do not exceed forty pounds (40 lbs.) in weight.

LT's can no longer dispose of CFC refrigerant containing items (refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners).  They must have a certificate of removal posted to the item in order for it to be picked up.

Branches and Tree Trimmings

For the safety and protection of Waste Management employees and equipment, it is required that branches and tree trimmings be no greater than three inches (3”) in diameter and be cut, tied and bundled in four-foot (4’) lengths weighing no more than forty pounds (40 lbs.), and totaling no more than 7 bags, containers or bundles, if desired pick up is on the second day of routine residential garbage pickup.  Please see Vegetative Debris page for unbundle yard waste.