Police Bicycle Patrol

Officers from the Liberty Police Department have volunteered to become part of the Department's Bicycle Patrol Program.  Each officer has completed a 40 hour Bicycle Patrol training course which certifies them by the State of Texas as Bicycle Patrol Officers.

The training is physically and mentally demanding.  During the training, the officers learned how to ride bicycles around and through obstacles such as stairs, crowds, traffic and ditches.  The officers leared how to quickly dismount the bicycles using it for protection against someone attacking them and how to pick up objects on the gound while in motion.
Police bicycles have been used since the early 20th century and offer several advantages.  One of the advantages is their ability to travel in places where traditional patrol cars cannot go.  The bicycles are nearly silent and allow the officers to approach criminal activity undetected.  The use of the bicycle makes the officers more approachable and accessible to the public.

The Liberty Police Department Bicycle Patrol is made up of six officers and detectives from the Liberty Police Department who volunteer for the extra duty.  The unit has been in operation for a little over a year and has been very well received by the community.  They can be found in various parking lots, neighborhoods, parks and special events such as the Jubilee.  All of the specially made bicycles and their related equipment were paid for by the department from seized and forfeited drug funds.