Human Resources Department

Jody Biehunko
Human Resources
1829 Sam Houston Street
Liberty, Texas 77575


The City of Liberty’s Human Resources department's mission is to provide quality support and customer service to the City and its employees by attracting and hiring qualified employees, administering payroll and benefit packages, and complying with City, State and Federal legislation, policies and procedures.

Accomplishment of Mission

  • Act as internal consultants to all departments on personnel-related issues.
  • Commit to ensuring that the assistance we provide is accurate and efficiently dispensed.
  • Maintain employment practices compliant to City, State, and Federal policies and procedures.
  • Manage the City’s insurance programs. Encourage solid management practices by consistency in policy interpretation.
  • Demonstrate loyalty to the City and its employees by displaying respect for the confidentiality of the duties performed by Human Resources.
  • Protect the City’s financial assets, property, and personnel. 

Employment Opportunities  
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