Security Deposits

Security Deposit requirements are established by City of Liberty Ordinance No. 965




Residential Electric Service  $200.00 
Residential Water/Wastewater Service  $  50.00 

Commercial Service deposits are calculated by the City. The amount calculated would equal the estimated total billing from the City to the customer for two (2) months power and water consumption, plus an amount calculated by the City to cover increased ratchet billing liability to Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency as a result of the customer’s billing load.

Refund of Security Deposit

Your Security Deposits are refunded upon a twelve (12) month on-time payment history.  After your deposit is refunded, you will be required to provide another Security Deposit amounting to the current rates if your account payments are late three (3) months in a twelve (12) month period.  Failure to secure your account may result in your utilities being disconnected.