Electrical Outage Report from Sunday, December 27, 2015

13:00 – Liberty distribution feeder #1 tripped open; primary conductor off insulator on cross arm.

15:00 – Beaumont distribution feeder #4 faulted; 3 primary conductors burned down on Beaumont Ave @ Maryland.

15:30 – Liberty to Beaumont 69 kV transmission line tripped open.  Beaumont Substation without transmission service. Fault on feeder #4 did not clear at substation resulting in next protective device to trip open (Liberty T3 69 kV breaker).

17:00 – Beaumont Substation; no station service to provide DC control power for protective devices.  Station service transformer failed, battery charger electronics burned and battery bank output erratic.

18:00 – Relays burned up in Beaumont T2 main breaker; transformer tripped open.

19:00 – Beaumont Substation, station service transformer replaced.  Beaumont distribution feeders #2 & #3 restored.

20:00 to 22:00 – Field switching distribution feeders.

22:00 – Beaumont Substation DC power restored, battery charger replaced.

22:30 – Power restored.