Economic Development (LCDC)

The Liberty Community Development Corporation (LCDC) wants to be your business partner. Since May 6, 1995 when voters elected a one-half cent sales tax by a 75% majority, we have been assisting businesses and enhancing community resources.

Sales tax collections received by the non-profit Type B Corporation are used to promote the economic growth and vitality of Liberty, and give the Corporation flexibility to assist companies with public infrastructure, job training, and other resources important to the business and the community.


LCDC was established in 1995 to facilitate the expansion and retention of businesses in the City of Liberty by promoting quality development opportunities, supporting infrastructural improvements, and fostering a positive business climate through cooperation with the City and the community.

Our Results

“Assisting the business community….…”

In addition to promoting the City through facilitating commercial and industrial business, the Liberty Community Development Corporation has worked on several projects since inception.

“Protecting our community resources……..”

Foremost is the construction of a five-mile embankment northwest of the City near the Trinity River. Constructed in 1995 and released from debt obligations in 2009, the $5 million levee infrastructure development helps shield businesses, community neighborhoods, and public infrastructure including facilities, from rising waters.

“Providing skills for jobs in demand……..”

In 2007, LCDC was instrumental in the establishment of the Liberty County Workforce Academy which provides local job training. In addition, LCDC provides scholarships to eligible Liberty ISD students and adults residing within the district seeking to enter the workforce or improve existing skill sets.

In 2008, the Liberty County Workforce Academy received the coveted Workforce Best Practices Award by the Texas Economic Development Council.

“Exploring development opportunities……”

Released from debt obligations following the levee infrastructure project, LCDC is currently assessing potential development opportunities.

Projects under discussion include downtown façade and curb appeal, revitalization of blighted areas, airport improvements, commercial and industrial developments, tourism and preservation.